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Together with Save Our Souls Agency and Pine we created the first global campaign for Estrid - celebrating human beauty across the world. Challenging the limited perception of beauty to support the choice of shaving.
Showcasing it as a form of expression, rather than a mandatory archetype for attractiveness. With the help of our 8 talents & Estrid  ambassadors we created a beautiful film, showcasing human beauty in the universe of Estrid.

Beauty is not bound by the binary.  

At Estrid, we celebrate individual expression, irrespective of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other label insisted upon us. We are so excited to partner with iconic diversity champions we admire and love, those who stand for beauty standards that are set only by themselves.

Introducing For Human Beauty.

What if we started seeing the bathroom as an arena for, not only self-care but also, self-expression? A space where we’re free to explore and shape our identities?

The global launch of For Human Beauty – a brand concept for the next generation of bathroom essentials.

For Human Beauty is a celebration of the full spectrum of human expressions. It’s time for the world of razors to become bold, free and inclusive

Photographed by JasmineAgdami.


Director: Nim Kyong Ran
Assistant Director: Jasmine Agdami
Executive Producer: Adam Holmström Meinking
& Joel Rostmark
Producer: Victor Lindström

Agency: Save Our Souls

DOP: Seamus McGarvey
1:st AD: Tirso Diaz-Jares
Production Design: Koja
Stylist: Nicole Walker
Hair & makeup: Soley Astudottir
Editor: Fredrik Åkerström @WGT+AM
Colorist: Oskar Larsson @Tint Post
VFX & Online: Olle Black @Tint Post
Sound Design: Calle Buddee Roos @Ponytail

Prod-Coordinator: Ludwig Ljung

Directors assistant: Jasmine Agdami
Directors assistant: Nina Roxburgh

Movement director: Jasmine Agdami
2:nd AD: Bintou-Elise Traoré

Focus Puller: Ruben Broman

Trinity OP: Nestor Salazar

Gaffer: Tobias Henriksson

Best boy sparks: Denko Correa

Sparks: Simon Hallgren

Sparks: Hanna Kriisa

Sparks: Gabriel Brändholm

Props master: Zeke Söderlund
Set design: KOJA

Set design assistant on set: Max Isaksson
Grip: Hugo Witting
DIT: Lars Edlund / VideoAssist

VTR: Malin Hall / VideoAssist

Stylist asst: Ian Gadelius

Hair stylist: Sainabou Chune

Hair assistant: Deshimona Nathanael
MUA: Jeanette Törnqvist

MUA asst: Josephine Golan

Location manager: Sodad Iskander
Location assistant: Joel Fohlin

Craft: Emil Bibeziç

Production asst: Nico O’Konor
Production asst: Amadeus Rudolfsson

Thanks to: 
Ljud & Bild media
 Tint Post
, Ponytail
Klaara Malmberg
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