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A creative short created by Jasmine Agdami & Olof Ringmar, in collaboration with poet Charlotte Manning. Reflecting on the complexity of personal identity and appearance. This film explores the inner thoughts and emotions that appear from overcoming the feeling of doubt.

A visual interaction of poetry, dance and sound. 

“As a creator, I've always been fascinated by the evocative power of words,” says Jasmine. “Our film delves into the complexities of self-expression, beauty, and societal norms, showcasing the journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Each frame is infused with a deeper meaning to create layers of depth and convey authenticity.”

MUSE - MASTER 4K_91106.jpeg

“MUSE is our shared message to every person with a heart for creativity who is still honing their craft, searching for their direction, trusting their own process, and ultimately, putting more weight in growth over gold.”

Directed by: Jasmine Agdami & Olof Ringmar
Words: Charlotte Manning
Director of Photography: Olof Ringmar
Edit: Jasmine Agdami & Olof Ringmar
Sound design & Music: Petter Karlsten - Vårsnö
Colorist: Olof Ringmar
Starring: Charlotte Manning
Dancer: Kenya Rhoodes 
Make Up: Maurine Tugavune
Light assistent: Malva Hellman

Premiered at Fotografiska Stockholm April 2024.

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