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From business idea
to a unique brand identity.


Hubista is an upcoming online platform that connects people with talent to those who are willing to pay for it. They hired our team from Hyper Island with a raw business idea, to help them shape and create a brand and a visual identity. 

A clear brand identity which allows for switching gears and adapting to a fast changing market. Created based on in depth market research and customer insights. Aligning what Hubista is and should be with their brand identity.

Providing Hubista with a creative direction engulfing brand narrative, values, principles, vision as well as designing the brand visuals.


The client's and team's vision put together in a mood board.

A collection of images, colours, and shapes.

Creating a "Simple canvas" VS "The expressive canvas" where Hubista can choose when to go clean and when to be more bold in their design and visual communication.

For example using the simple mode for web pages and apps and the expressive mode for campaigns and marketing purposes.


Simple Mode

Expressive Mode

Click to view a few samples of the brand book.

Seven Letters, creating seven shapes, using seven lines.

How Hubista Feels - Edited By Jasmine Agdami



Elton Gutoch

Project Leader / Designer

Jasmine Agdami

Rui Bastos

Maryam Ghavidel

Nils Andersson

Designer / Copywriter






Stockholm, Sweden




6 Weeks

Brand Book

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